About Us

AccessAbility, Inc. provides an array of programs and services to meet the changing life needs of adults with a variety of barriers to employment and community inclusion including individuals with disabilities and economic disadvantages. The goal for most individuals is placement in a community job. Training and work opportunities are available in a three-prong approach: entry level basic skills, mid-to-high technology, and career/personal training. Recreational and retirement programs are also available. As a result of our training and programs, we serve nearly 600 participants annually at individual work sites, in work crews at business sites and at our three locations.

Our Mission

The mission of AccessAbility is to provide opportunities for self-sufficiency for people with barriers to employment and community inclusion.

Approach to the Mission

AccessAbility, Inc. focuses on building partnerships with business, collaborating with other support programs, developing programs to serve a diversified population, and applying diligent business management practices to achieve our community goals. The staff and each program participant work together in a "whole family" assessment process to determine the barriers to self-sufficiency and community inclusion and develop a plan to overcome them.


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